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1940s Poker Night! Because why not? It's lockdown.

Get ready to jazz up your lockdown routine! Lockdown is occurring all over the globe, and people everywhere are beginning to go a little stir crazy. Entertainment has become a precious commodity, even more precious than pre-pandemic times when we'd line up for hours just to make it into the arena to see our favorite teams duking it out for glory. The monotony of a life with so many new restrictions can be a hard one to adjust to, even if it is for our own safety and our loved ones. Many are seeking relief from boredom and close confinement. So, So Breezy Babe has been dedicating a portion of our energy to begin bringing you fun ideas to ease boredom during quarantine.

Here's an idea. Poker, but 1940s....40sPoker! Are you listening? See? Well, let's dive in to the particulars, guys and dolls.

Choose Your Game

Poker, looked at simply as a card game rather than a social phenomenon, has three main varieties. “Draw poker” is the simplest version of the game; the more complex “stud poker” was the most popular form for a long time; and “hold ‘em” poker, usually called Texas Hold ‘em, is the version that most casinos and poker rooms offer today.

Poker Basics

These basic categories have a number of differences, but they also have a number of similarities. To begin with, poker is always played with a standard deck of 52 cards, without the jokers. In many variations of poker, the players pass a “dealer puck” clockwise around the table, so that every player gets a turn as dealer. And in all poker games, the bets are placed with poker chips. All of this is just the bare bones of getting started. As you play the game, you’ll find that, no matter what variety of poker you’re playing, there are other, more important similarities.

In poker, whether you are playing a 5 card or 7 card varieties, the point of the game is to form a 5 card combination in your hand that outranks those of the other players. At various points in a hand of poker, you can place bets, receive additional cards, or discard and replace cards. At the end of the hand, the player with the strongest hand wins the money in the pot.

All of that is obvious. Most people know that much about poker. But what about the basic rules of the different variations? This is where poker can get confusing. It shouldn’t, though. Let’s take a look at the main varieties of poker.

Draw Poker

In draw poker, every player is dealt a full hand, face down, at the start of the game. Once you have your hand, make sure that no one else can see it, and take a look at your cards. Use what you see to place your initial bet. After the first round of betting, players can choose to discard and replace some of their hand; this is the “draw.” When the draw is complete, there is a second round of betting, after which the player with the best hand wins the pot.

Stud Poker

Stud poker is different. In stud games, each player gets one or two “hole cards,” face down, to start, after which the rest of his hand is dealt face up, for everyone to see. The dealing is interspersed with several rounds of betting, giving stud players a chance to watch their opponents, and to study the other hands on the table. After the final card is dealt, the players have the last round of betting and then the “showdown,” to determine the winner.

Hold ‘em Poker

Hold ‘em poker is similar to the stud games. Seven cards are dealt, with each player getting two hole cards. The remaining five cards, however, are the “flop,” a communal hand in the center of the table. Players must use at least one hole card to form a winning hand with the cards in the flop. Because hold ‘em players form most of their hand from the communal cards, they “know” what most of their opponents “hold.” This gives the players much more of a chance to bluff and strategize during the game. Hold ‘em poker has been called the “thinking man’s poker” because of this. Texas Hold 'Em Video Tutorial

Always learn the rules of the specific poker game before you play. Poker is fun, but it can be hard for a novice to do well. You can find rule books, as well as other poker supplies, online at .

Dress it Up

But what is life without a little theater? Now, to choose your costumes. Why? Because Halloween. Because grown adults dress in ridiculous, elaborate outfits only 1 day a year, and that has GOT to stop. Because we all need so much more fun in our day to day, and, in case you haven't noticed, we can't leave our respective houses. Right. Now, that we've settled that... costumes!

Whether you're attending a Halloween Bash or 1940s Poker Night, it's important to buy a costume that fits comfortably. Wearing costumes is fun and exciting, but only if the costume allows you to move and breathe freely. These tips on fitting and sizing will help you find just the right costume for the occasion.

Fitting for Online Purchases

Many people buy costumes, so proper fitting is extremely important. Order far in advance of your event in case it doesn't fit properly and you need to make an exchange or get alterations. Also, pay attention to the sizing instructions provided by the online costume retailer. Sizing varies from one store or brand to the next. Some costume pieces may be designed to fit loosely, while others may have a snug fit. Look for words like "tight/close fit" or "generous fit", and take into consideration your body shape, height, and other important details such as if you are short waisted, have long or short legs, etc. Ask a close friend or relative to help you with measurements so your sizing will be as accurate as possible.

How to Take Accurate Measurements

All measurements should be taken in "inches." Using a tape measure, the bust area should be measured under your arms and around the fullest part of your chest, with your arms at your sides. The waist should be measured around the natural waistline, with the measuring tape a bit loose. For hips, measure the fullest part of the hips. For skirt length, measure from the back part of your waist to the floor. Here is a useful video that will illustrate precisely how this should be done.

Trouser measurements for the inseam should be taken from the crotch to the desired length of the trousers (with shoes on). The outseam measurement should be taken from the natural waistline (below the belly button) to the desired trouser length (with shoes on). The neck measurement is the full circumference at the base of the neck. Dress pants, or suit pants, have a slightly different measurement for males than normal measurements. So click here to view how to measure a male for dress pants or formal pants. Click on this to view how to correctly measure either gender for trousers.

Critical Measurements for Women's Costumes

For women, the critical measurements are the bust, waist, hips, height, and skirt length. Sizes usually range from small to 3X. For leather bodices, the bust and waist measurements are needed, but the waist measurement is the most important. Girl sizes usually come in small, medium, and large and are often comparable to store sizes.

Fitting for Men's Costumes

For men, critical measurements are the waist, chest, hips, neck, and height. Men's sizes usually range from small to 3X, and boy's sizes usually come in small, medium, and large based on store size ranges.

Hat measurements should be taken around the circumference of the head just above the ears, where the hat will rest. If wearing any type of wig, you should consider the type of wig you will wear, and measure accordingly, with a little room to spare. Hat sizes typically come in small, medium, large, or extra large. If you need a little help with this, click right here. You can also purchase hats from the same company. Details are in the video.

Don't have a measuring tool? No problems. Here is an article with 25 easy measuring hacks.

Look for a detailed sizing chart when ordering online. The company should provide measurement instructions and/or customer assistance to ensure that your costume and accompanying gear fit properly. Also, shop where you can buy all your costume items and accessories together to save on shipping.

With the right fit, you'll be able to enjoy the quarantine 1940s stay at home Poker Night costume event to the fullest!

See? We helped. We love helping. Try it out? Then, leave us something in the comments and tell us how it turned out!

Stay Breezy, Breezer guys and dolls !

-- Morgan

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