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4 Unexpected New Year Gifts for Your Boyfriend: Surprise Him Like Never Before!

Buying gifts for boyfriends is never easy. But if you can’t decide what to get your bae for Christmas or New Year, we’ve got you covered! Here are some unexpected gift ideas that are both practical and heartfelt. Browse through our list of gift ideas for boyfriends to find something he’ll love!

1. Bluetooth Beanie

A unique yet thoughtful gift for boyfriends is this Bluetooth beanie that will not only keep him warm and cozy during the cold winters but also allow him to listen to his favorite songs. With Bluetooth beanie in town, headphones are considered old-school this winter!

2. Masterclass Annual Memberships

Want to encourage your boyfriend to pursue his current interests or discover new ones? Consider buying an annual membership for him with Masterclass. Whether he’s into music, cooking, gardening, programming, or anything else – surprise him with a chance to learn from the industry best at Masterclass.

3. UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Charger

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a UV Smartphone sanitizer will serve as the perfect gift for your boyfriend. Sure, he can always use a disinfectant wipe, but it’s just not the same as using a UV sanitizer to sanitize your Smartphone, car keys, and other accessories. Show your love by helping him keep safe during the pandemic!

4. Bluetooth Tracker Tile Stickers

If your boyfriend is one of those guys who are always losing or forgetting their stuff, this gift will make his life so much easier. Tile stickers can be attached to just about anything, including your phone, remote controllers, eyeglass case, gym bag, water bottles, etc. So, the next time he can’t find something, the Tile App can help locate the missing item within seconds.

So, now that you’ve gone through the list, which of these unexpected gift ideas would your guy like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay Breezy !


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