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5 Interior Design Trends To Bring Into Your Home in 2021

Since we’re all spending more time indoors, our appetites for nature and the great outdoors is dramatically on the rise. It really, consequently, comes as no surprise that the interior design trends of 2021 are decked out with nature and earth-style charms. We’ve identified the following key interior design trends of 2021 and most of them are easy to bring into your dwelling right now.

Greater Emphasis on Earthy Tones

2021 will see a natural rise in the use of earthy tones in interior design because everyone wants to draw inspiration from the soothing, subdued hues of the great outdoors. These are the colors you should watch out for: mauve hues, dark greens, and brown taupes.

Earthy textures will easily make your house more warmer, inviting, and cozier since it reminds you of the outdoors – something we’ve all been missing lately.

Decorating with Curved Furniture

Curved furnishings serve as ideal statement-making centerpieces, which is perfect for small rooms and tight spaces. They ideally come with minimal decorative carvings and knotty wood surfaces that are effortless to arrange without breaking the bank. Something as simple as a round ottoman can open things up in narrow spaces.

Mixing Antique and Modern Décor

The combination of antique and modern décor is gaining traction as people move away from the contemporary monochrome look that’s been trending for decades. The right mix of eclectic elements and rustic tones let you easily achieve that modern-antique look. Pro tip: Hang Victorian mirrors, add in ornate chairs, and pick some bold colors – and you’re good to go!

Cottagecore is Probably the Biggest Trend Going into 2021

Cottagecore deserves special mention because it’s really trending out there. At the time of writing, the hashtag #cottagecore has over 1 million posts on Instagram – that momentum isn’t going to fade any time soon. Cottagecore is a combination of colors you would typically see in the countryside – beautifully shaped gardens and unusual blend of greenery, floral prints, and small farm animals.

Use warm blankets, throw pillows, and lush, soft textures. Pro tip: Flowers are the key ingredient to incorporating the Cottagecore style into your home. So contact your nearst Florist today for ideas!

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