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I will eternally bleed, always, to give you purity of my soul, in an attainable message for you. The world is constantly changing. Remember, you are resilient. Humanity, is resilient. Do not allow depression, negativity, helplessness, to win the battle in your mind. Find it within yourself to fight, even yourself, your own insecurities, and ascend higher. I challenge you all to create, right now, for yourself, an impossible, legendary life story. Create so that you may show the world how impossible was meant to be broken, how impossible is actually a possible thing. I have such mad, crazy love for all the Breezer’s around the globe. I know, I'm surprised too😘. I'm hoping you get my vibe. For the time being, please heed my advice. Find something in life worth dying for, because as 2020 is my witness, life is too short. Find people that create a fire so deep within you, that you literally forget to breathe because the fire is so hot. Challenge yourself with adventures that make you feel emotions you are not in control of. Let go of comfortable, and feel alive my friends! Breezer’s, this encouragement is a challenge that will not be easy. But I plead with you to not fear the pain in cutting the “Fire Killers” in your life, those who shoot down your “the world is round” ideas. Find people who support your crazy. Because it’s the crazies, those who weren’t afraid of an unattainable, impossible world, that made the world what it is today. Papercuts hurt, knife wounds hurt, cutting people out of your life to cure yourself of damaging conversations is difficult. But bleed now, heal, cut out the poison, so you can live! Thomas Edison’s mother was told by a teacher that he was "addled." His mother was so offended by this insult to her son's capabilities, that she pulled him out of school immediately and had him home schooled. One of the greatest thinkers and inventors in history was thought of, and told to be, incompetent mentally. Even Edison, the man who brought us what we know today as the common light bulb , had to fight against a "fire killer". But Edison, REFUSED. TO. BE. EXTINGUISHED. (Library of Congress citation)

Instead, he chose to burn so brightly that we still speak his name today. He couldn't be contained, and his mother knew he had a talent that was far too brilliant for a normal school. So, inspired by this remarkable woman, he became one of the greatest inventors of the century. People are small minded. Don’t allow your light to die within you from a small minded person. My hope for you, Breezer’s, is that you will regain the light that the events of 2020 have dimmed. Begin this year knowing that I am here for you, believing in you. Be incredible. Be fugging crazy. Exclaim, “The world is round and not flat.” Create a new reality. You can and you will!

Love, Rose

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