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A Brief Introduction to the World of Nascar

Bill France Sr., on February 21, 1948, established National Association for Stock Car Racing. Initially, it was divided in three divisions: Modifieds, Roadsters and Strictly Stock. During these days, NASCAR racing is very much popular in America. It is gaining more and more fans everyday. Basically NASCAR is an organization that arranges different types of racing throughout the country.

National Association for Stock Car racing runs three top racing series: NEXTEL Cup Series, Busch Series, and Craftsman truck Series. On June 19, 1949, the first car race held in the section ‘Strictly Stock’ and Jim Roper was winner of that race. Presently we all know this division as NEXTEL Cup Series. From the past, some famous NASCAR drivers are Dale Earnhardit, Darrell Waltrip, and Bobby Allison. All of them were known for their open wheel racing activities.

All the time NASCAR follows certain rules in the section of car construction. Super-speedway and the Short-track are the two most important kinds of NASCAR cars. As the name implies ‘super-speedway cars’ are for super speedways such as Alabama’s Talladega while ‘short-track cars’ are for short track raceways like Tennessee’s Bristol Motor Speedway. Super-speedway cars require more speed than short-track cars.

There is a point system to choose winner in NASCAR car racing. Drivers can also get bonus points if they’re leading by one lap of the race. After 36 races, the driver with highest scoring points is the winner of the racing series. If there is a tie between two drivers then the winner is declared by counting most wins as the cup winner. In case two drivers get equal number of wins then there is system of declaring second-place wins, third-place wins and so on. This is done until the final winner is declared.

The visitors can also enjoy car race thrills by sitting in the cars at Daytona USA, which is a fun fair, situated at Daytona Beach, Florida. It is sponsored by National Association for Stock Car racing. Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson are very much famous drivers in NASCAR car racing at present.

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