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Are You as Awesomely Extreme as the Country of Finland

You might say, “Yes, of course I love the library.” We do, too. But I’m not sure anyone loves libraries quite like the Finns

That's how this engaging article that delves into an extreme book lovers ideal paradise starts off.

So, it's no small secret that I absolutely love books. Our blog is designed to be about engaging content that makes you look forward to the next post. Reading doesn't have to be a daunting task. Rather, it can be an enjoyable one. In these times, it's an extremely safe way to relax a weary mind.

Ok, I know you know reading. I know you know libraries, but you've never seen it quite.... like.... this! Let's head over to Finland, by way of the internet, and even if you don't like books, get ready to be amazed!

-- Saydah

Stay Breezy !

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