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Are You Camping With the Right Shoes?

Camping is a fantastic hobby, but it is one that requires some special gear. From a place to sleep and bags to do it in down to backpacks and campers shoes, the items chosen to take along can greatly impact the fun factor of the outing.

When choosing campers shoes, it is a very good idea to take a few things into account. Some trips might actually require more than one pair to ensure that optimum foot coverage and comfort aren't overlooked. The things to consider in campers shoes include:

* Terrain. This will greatly impact the kinds of shoes needed for camping. For example, a boating trip to the beach for a weekend of camping will very likely call for different foot attire than a trip into the mountains backpacking and sleeping out underneath the stars. While sandals and sneakers are a go for the boating trip, they won't serve a person well in the woods.

* Activities planned. The kinds of activities campers intend to do will greatly impact the choices of campers shoes that are recommended. That beach trip, for example, might call for nothing more than flip flops. Hiking, biking, fishing and even hunting will call for very different foot gear. Think waterproof or at least resistant for fishing trips and even hikes in the woods. Dry feet tend to be much happier than wet ones!

* Local wildlife. This should also be a consideration. If snakes are prime in the area and other creepy crawlies might be, too, it's a good idea to use this as a guide when choosing the right foot gear. In these cases, close toed, high coverage gear is never a bad idea. This is especially so for any type of hiking and woods activities.

Beyond those considerations, there are a few other things people should take into account when choosing campers shoes. These include:

* Budget. Some shoes designed for camping can cost an arm and a leg. If budgetary constraints are present, consider more affordable options. Basic hiking boots that are comfortable and fit correctly can work very well and not cost a fortune. Sneakers, too, are ideal for some camping situations, but not all.

* Comfort. No matter the activities planned, this should be a top concern. Camping typically involves a lot of walking or hiking, so comfort should be primary. However, the other factors should go into the mix when choosing the right shoes. While those sneakers might be the most comfortable pair of shoes going, they might not provide the necessary support for mountainous terrain and heavy hiking.

* Need for specialty gear. Some types of hunting trips will require special shoes. Mountain climbing, for example, should not be done in flip flops, especially if foot holds will be necessary. When specialty gear is called for due to safety concerns, don't skimp.

Picking out the right campers shoes can be a bit of a chore, especially for the uninitiated. Use a little common sense, consider the plans at hand and choose accordingly. Several pairs of shoes might, in fact, be the best route to go.

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