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Be the MVP of Accountability

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Let's Talk Accountability

Hey there readers.

So, you know that phrase, “Two heads are better than one.”? Well, why only have two, especially when it comes to reaching your goals? What point am I trying to make here? One of the best ways to climb the ladder towards your goal is accountability. No better way to stay accountable than to have those closest to you supporting you. Accountability is a form of teamwork.

The concept of teamwork is so highly valued that even education has taken a turn for the better. Baylor University shared an innovative teaching method regarding teamwork. “A new ‘buddy system’ of nursing education — in which two students work together as one nurse to share ideas, set priorities and make clinical decisions for patient care in the ‘real world’ of nursing — is effective", according to a study by Baylor University’s Louise Herrington School of Nursing in Dallas.” (Goodrich, 2018) While it’s not impossible to accomplish things on your own, it’s nice to have that extra support. One thing that collaboration can produce is a new perspective. While you look at things one way, the other person has a slight or even major difference in view.

There are many obstacles that can arise when trying to accomplish your goal. It can be overwhelming by yourself. Sometimes, having a fresh outlook can serve as the push you need to get things done. Steffan Surdek who is a Forbes Council Member wrote, “Perspective is the way individuals see the world. It comes from their personal point of view and is shaped by life experiences, values, their current state of mind, the assumptions they bring into a situation…”. (Surdek, 2016) In other words, someone else might see what you are missing due to the fact that they think differently than you.

For example, some of you have friends that are militant when it comes to time management, while you are relaxed in that area. They tend to get things done before the deadline... while you meet the deadline. The reason you’re relaxed may be because you’ve always been able to get things done quickly, even when times get hectic. Whereas, your militant friend may have experienced a situation where the task was easy but time consuming. So, they finish tasks early to be on the safe side, as well as immediately start on the next one. When looking at this from the outside, both of you have traits that compliment each other. You're able to have down time and meet goals, while your friend is able to crank out results like a machine! Talk about a well-balanced team.

Speaking of balance, accountability can resemble a brass apothecary scale. Why do I say this? Accountability gives you balance.

When you get help from others who see things differently, they can show you a different perspective that can lead to great things. Prime examples would be Greek philosophers Aristotle and Pythagoras who believed the earth is round. Another example would be Eratosthenes who was a Greek mathematician that measured the earth with angles to prove it was round. (Tretkoff, 2006) If thinking from another perspective led to learning that the earth was round, then wouldn’t having multiple perspectives in everyday life increase the odds of surpassing your goals?


Stay Breezy !


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