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Build Your Hobbyist Gaming PC with These Items [Updated for 2021]

Now to ask the question you've all been wondering about, "How to build a gaming PC that rivals a PS5". Yeah, we've got you covered, Breezers. Watch us work.

What isn't this post about? Um... being lame, because you know what? Like it or not, the days of the "gaming will rot your brain" adage are over. With the state of this world now, people are turning to video games to relax and escape more than ever, but sometimes consoles get sold out, you have extra parts lying around, or the matter of price simply gets in the way. Let us help. That's So Breezy, Babe !

The PS5 and Xbox Series X have already hit the shelves and boast a price tag of around $500. Can we build a gaming PC that rivals next-gen consoles in terms of GPU and CPU?

That’s a tall order because we cannot match the purchasing power of Sony and Microsoft who can buy expensive components in bulk and leverage economies of scale.

But we can do the next best thing – build something that comes close to the current-gen console experience.

Note: In this build, we will not discuss prices for a chassis, monitor, and hard drive. Those peripherals can be easily swapped from your current PC with the new build, or you can buy new ones at a later date. For now, let’s deep dive into the meat of the matter.

Here is our breakdown of affordable PC parts that will last you several years (at least 3).













Grand total: $673

Alright, so we didn’t quite come close to the $500 mark and overshot it by well over $150. However, at this price point, you can put together a system that can max out any game on 1920 x 1080 and is also ready for VR gaming. And, you can also handle playing at 2K and beyond just fine – by dropping a few graphics settings, of course.

The $700 price point is like the goldilocks zone for putting together your own computer in parts that will provide optimal in-game performance without breaking the bank.

If you’re willing to cough up some more cash for the GPU, say $326 for an RTX 2060, your new build would absolutely steamroll current-gen consoles and last you at least 4 more years. That will push up the price point to nearly $779 – but that’s money well spent considering how long this system will perform.

If you’re on the fence about whether to build your own gaming PC, consider buying a pre-built computer or go with a console instead.

Think you can build a better PC than us at this price point? Let us know what you will do differently.

-- Morgan

Stay Breezy !

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