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Cologne Up, Son!

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Hey, readers. Any of you gentleman ever stop to think about how to add emphasis when you walk in a room? If you haven’t already thought about cologne, I think now is a good time to start. Let’s talk about aromatherapy. Biomed Research International released an article stating, “The present study shows that the aromatherapy program was effective in reducing the pain, depression, anxiety, and stress levels of older persons in the intervention group. Under the total pain concept, a person not only suffers from physical pain but also from psychological distress…”.(Tang, S. & Tze, M., 2014)

Where am I going with this? When you want to make an impact on those around you, first impressions are important. Great fragrances have the capacity to lower stress levels. That means, you can make someone feel better without even opening your mouth to speak. No one will forget when you show up to the party. That’s for sure. To dig deeper, Pubmed Central published an article stating, “Recent studies suggest that odors could be effective even at concentrations below conscious levels. For example, subthreshold ambient ‘sweet’ odors increase pain tolerance…” (Lenochová, P. et al., 2012)

If the hint isn’t big enough already, let’s spell it out. Fragrance has a major impact on those around you. I’m not saying cologne turns you into a superhero, but it does help you when you’re introduced to new social circles. When people feel at ease around you, they’re more likely to open up to you.

Also, cologne is a great conversation starter. People can appreciate a great smelling guy, and it takes little to no effort to accomplish. Before going too far ahead, lets address the elephant in the room. Some people might ask this, “Why not just get body wash and call it a day?” It’s a solid question. For that, we need to look at the reason cologne was made.

While body wash is made to cleanse the skin and deodorizers were created to kill odor producing bacteria, perfumes/colognes were made to mask the natural scent of the body. When looking for colognes, it’s recommended that buyers place a small sample on their hand and rub it around. After which, you should sniff the area the scent is applied. That specific area should give you an indicator as to whether the cologne blends well with your skin. This process can be a little tedious. Coffee beans are a very good friend of cologne shoppers. It is used to reset the sinuses when trying out different scents. After two types of scents are tested, it’s safe to take a sniff of coffee. If not, the smells start to blend together and knowing the difference becomes impossible. With that being said, colognes have a very distinct role to play as far as hygiene goes. It’s the extra layer of protection against odor that you want. If you do a little testing and ask for advice from perfume vendors, you’ll be able to find the perfect scent that’s right for you.

Cologne has multiple benefits that ensure a more productive social life as well as keeping you feeling fresh and confident. I urge you guys to go out and find a scent that makes you stand out.




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