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Dare You To Think

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Tell your story, but use an expensive pen. --Princess Saydah I got a book deal with a large publishing company 2 years ago. I am contracted to publish a children's book, but life keeps causing me to push back the deadline. Those that know me as an international billboard recording artist, a screen writer with an optioned movie in progress, or who I am politically, may be tired of hearing my endless excuses as to why I'm not releasing the book as of yet, but life keeps getting in my way. This blog is, I hope, of some mental comfort to those of us who are going stir crazy/bored during quarantine, wherever we are in our corners of this world. For those who know me from my various public faces, I've given in, and will specially write some poetry pieces here and there on this blog as a way of saying thank you for sticking with me like my publisher has, and holding on for my projects to get finished. I appreciate you. As a writer,  my goal is to provoke thought, self reflection, and spark meaningful conversation. I hope this does just that, as well as entertains a break from the boredom.  XOXO, Princess Saydah  SOMETIMES Sometimes I have this dream where I'm running and I can't stop running and I know that if I could just reach the end, it would all be worth it, but then sometimes I feel myself slipping into this Vortex of what the world has become and it's like I'm holding on with my fingertips like I'm just clawing to find some purchase. That's always been the moment I think of you. SKIN Skin and bone and marrow and flesh Do not a person make. It is all that is left behind of ourselves When we exit this life. Skin and bone and marrow and flesh We all have them, our human condition, What to do with a lifetime? Skin and bone and marrow and flesh. And as I stand here, looking at the house you've vacated for greener, sun soaked, pastures, All I am left with is the notion that Skin and bone and marrow and flesh Is nothing without you in them. I am afraid to see you so primly displayed. With your best dress or your favorite shoes, But without the life that picked them. The doctors say your time draws close. They've said that before Mischa, But this time, I actually believe them. How can I attend your funeral, When all you will be again is Skin and bone and marrow and flesh. Hold. On. For those who love you, Mischa. It's not supposed to be so soon. Wait for us all to progress. Wait for a lifetime. So that we all may wear just our Skin and bone and marrow and flesh Around the same time. Together, or racing each other at similar distances to the final finish line, Just as we did on "Field day", With childish 3 legged races, In life. Don't. Go. Skin and flesh and marrow and bone.  ------------------------------------------


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