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Dreams Hurt

Who ever said following your dreams would be easy? What a cop out. It hurts. It. Freaking. Hurts like hell!

Imagine that your dreams are on the other side of a battlefield . Because that’s what life is, a freaking battlefield. Everyone in your life, is sort of like the enemy. Obviously not everyone , some people are lucky enough to have supporting and loving family/ friends. And I’m happy for you! But the majority, doesn’t.

If you truly are a dreamer, than you know that your vision is hard for the majority to grasp. Most people want the simple life. And I’m happy for them! There is nothing wrong with wanting a simple, calm, safe life. But if you’re like me, and your dreams are too large for an average person to handle. Then here is my encourage to you... hold on. People are going to trample on you, it’ll get so hard you won’t know if it’s that the air has left the room, or if you are drowning in your own stress and misery. You will feel alone at times, like there is no one there, and no one cares.

But my friend, I care, and we are in this together. Hold on, till you meet your equal visionary. I didn’t meet my Conrad in crime for years. It was a lot of goodbyes to those who didn’t understand, there was a lot of lonely nights, because of the long hours. My dreams are bigger than me. And I believe, like you should believe, that you will change the world.

Dear Breezer’s, we are fighters. Don’t be ashamed that you have nothing in your bank account at times, or no one to call in the lonely hours of the night, because everyone else is sleeping while you were working. Have faith, and know that there are Breezers around the world fighting the same warrior battle as you to fight for their dreams, and change the world. Because chasing your dreams, isn’t small shit, it’s the real shit, and we can do this.... together.

You may not see me, you may think you are alone, but we are there by your side. Alone is only an allusion of the mind, you are not alone.

We Dreamer’s, are not alone. So, are you ready to get your fire out there, and fight another day with me... Warrior?


Stay Breezy !

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