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Fitness Secrets Revealed by Victoria's Secret Models!

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

With toned bodies and abs that may as well have been carved by Michelangelo, Victoria's Secret models are the living breathing embodiments of Greek goddesses. So, what is the secret to their fitness? Is it a special diet or an extraordinary exercise regime? Let's take a look at some fitness secrets revealed by our favorite VS models.

Boxing Training Is Trending

Boxing training is popular among Victoria's Secret models. The Brazilian model, Adriana Lima, often talks about her love for a boxing workout.

Former VS supermodel, Doutzen Kroes, also turned to boxing to keep up her energy levels and boost stamina. Bella Hadid also spends most of her time in the boxing ring. All in all, these VS models are not only gorgeous, but they can also kick your ass in the ring!

No Pain No Gain: Commitment Is the Key!

Believe it or not – the key to achieving that figure lies in hard work. Like most good things, that goddess body does not come without a grilling exercise regime.

In an interview with People, Bella Hadid revealed, "[I've been] working out for three hours every day… it's crazy, but I think you know if you set your mind to something, I think you can succeed."

Customized Workout Programs Work

Alessandra Ambrosio, the superhot Brazilian actress and former model, openly talked about her customized workout program – the Tracy Anderson Method. She said the program offered more than long and lean muscles – it guaranteed true body happiness. She is also big on yoga and outdoor physical activities, such as hiking and volleyball.

In an interview, she revealed, "I love to do Tracy Anderson. I get very focused on being fit and feeling good for the runway. I try to go three times a week to Tracy Anderson, and then I will go for a hike one day of the week or do yoga."

The Bottom Line

While different models have different fitness secrets, they have one thing in common – all of them work super hard to maintain that killer figure. So, if you want to achieve the same figure, get ready to sweat and work extra hard.

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