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Got Wheels?

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Why Invest In a Car For Work?

Hey Readers! Just about everyone wants a car, has a car, or is looking for a car. So, why are there people who think a car should be a work investment? Let’s dive in. Business is done on the daily as we all know. Transportation to and from work is something that everyone needs when you don’t live next door to your job. The way I see it, work cars are like business cards in a sense that they enhance your presence in the business world.

So, does the car type matter? Looking at the psychosocial side of things, which is when a behavior affects the psychological and social aspects of a person, it can be a benefit. Science Direct posted an article from a study stating, “Cars provided autonomy because car use was seen as being more convenient, reliable and providing access to more destinations than public transport. Cars were seen to confer prestige and other socially desirable attributes such as competence, skill and masculinity.” (Hiscock, Macintyre, Kearns and Ellaway, 2002) Shall we break this down? A good car can not only make sure you get where you need to ,safely and reasonably, but also can appeal to a person’s character as well as confidence. For example, a luxury brand car being driven to work can help a person portray an image of success. Now, I’m not saying everyone needs to go out buying luxury cars or your sunk in the water. That is just one of a few ways that your work vehicle can make an impact.

It’s not just the type of car that can influence your work environment but the color too. A black car, for instance, is a common color for work vehicles. It’s considered classy, and its easy to keep clean. Talk Business posted a small article that read, “Choosing a colour for your company car may not seem like an important aspect, but remember that your car will be promoting you and your business image.” (The best colour for your business car | Talk Business, 2020) Businesses spend time evaluating what vehicles work best for their company, and color is not overlooked either. Buying a car is always a big step. Preaching to the choir on that one. Yet, getting one that fits the needs of your job is also a major step in the right direction. Real estate is a prime example. In sales jobs such as real estate, meeting person to person is a norm. The agent is responsible for showing properties. So, a vehicle that is fuel efficient generally is the route to go. As such, a vehicle is required to look pristine due to traveling with clients from one location to another. A two seater luxury coup isn’t at the top of the list for a sales agent looking to sell their first home.

All in all, investing in a vehicle for work is a good choice. Not only can it attract needed attention, but it can also add the mobility to reach new plateaus with enough planning.


Stay Breezy


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