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Greg and Samantha -- A short horror story from Tina Torola

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The snow keeps covering the city with white layers as Samantha and Greg sit on a bench in a park, eating lunch together. Samantha is scrolling on her phone as she gasps and looks at the man.

"There's some news about the "couple killer," she says and continues reading the article, "the police found out the serial killer is a woman who kills couples and takes their hearts. Then she pins the hearts on the wall of her next victim."

"That's horrible," Greg replies as his eyes widen from fear.

Samantha chuckles softly and bites her sandwich.

"Yeah, but we don't have to worry," she says, "as we are breaking up."

Greg looks down.

"About that," he says with an ashamed voice, "I'm still looking for a place to move out. I'll have to stay with you a couple more days."

"That's okay," Samantha smiles, "no rush," then she looks at the phone and stands up, "lunchtime is over. I have to go back to work. I'll see you tonight," She says goodbye and rushes to the high building across the street.

That night when Samantha goes home from work, she pours some wine and is about to open a window to let some fresh air in when she notices the lock is open. Greg is still at work, so who opened the windows?

"Maybe I just forgot to lock them," Samantha sighs and walks upstairs, "I'm too tired to think about it now."

A few days pass, and Greg is sitting on the couch, reading through the apartment renting ads. Samantha walks into the kitchen and calls Greg.

"Want some beer?"

Greg opens his mouth to answer when Samantha's dog barks and interrupts him.

"He's been playing up all day barking and knocking stuff over," says Samantha and furrows her brows, "it's strange."

Greg doesn't answer before Samantha taps on his shoulder as the dog keeps barking.

"Can you go upstairs and take him down here?" she asks, and Greg nodes, standing up.

Samantha goes back to the kitchen to start making dinner when suddenly the dog stops barking, and the house sinks into deep silence.

"Greg?" Samantha calls in a loud voice but gets no answer.

As the eerie feeling crawls from the back of her head, Samantha slowly walks up the stairs.

"Greg?" her voice pierces the air, but still no answer.

Only Samantha's light footsteps can be heard as everything has fallen quiet. She gasps as she sees the attic door open.

"Greg, are you there?" she asks, but she knows she'll receive no answer this time either. They never go up in the attic.

Samantha swallows as cold shivers run down her spine and slowly walks into the bedroom. A sound of a liquid dripping reaches her ears. As the streetlight hits the wall, Samantha sees a heart pinned on it. The drops of thick, crimson blood slide down the wall, creating a puddle on the floor.

Samantha wants to scream, but the voice is stuck in her throat. Sweat covers her forehead, and her hands start trembling. She hears the door creaking and slowly shutting behind her back, the lock turns. Samantha freezes, and tears quietly roll down her cheeks as she sees a dark shadow on the wall. The silhouette looks like a woman.

--Tina Torola

Stay Breezy !

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