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Hooray for Earth Day

What can you do to make a difference ?! Did you know that wind and traffic breezes carry waste from inland to water ways? Up to 80% of the waste found in water ways originates inland. Something to think about... There are all kinds of things we can do today, starting right now that make an immediate difference: choose to walk or bicycle to your destinations or bring home a tree or other environmentally beneficial plant that produces food, cleans air, water and soil or prevents erosion. Look around your home and office. Are you managine waste and energy as efficiently as you can? How about stand-by power use? This is the power continually consumed by flashing lights and power lights (on appliances, stereos, computer equipment and so on) when equipment is not in use. Unplug these power drains today. Yes, these are just little things, but they do make a difference. Earth Day is about awareness - it is about engaging individuals to make a difference. Pretty soon it is like ripples in a pond, the waves just keep getting bigger.

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