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How to Decorate with Earth Tones

Earth tones are warm, subdued hues inspired by nature – because the earth knows a thing or two about aesthetics!

From deep browns and greens to inviting greys and beiges, these colors harmoniously work together to bring instant coziness and warmth to any space. In a well-designed room, these colors will always impress, and make for a safe choice for a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere.

If you’re ready to incorporate earth tones in your dwelling, keep reading our quick and easy how-to guide and get ready to wow your guests.

Step 1: Pick Your Favorite Color Palette

When buying paint swatches, keep the 60-30-10 rule in mind. Based on this rule, your walls represent 60% of the color palette, making it the most prominent hue in the room. Upholstered fabrics – on sofas, loveseats, bedding, and curtains – account for 30 percent. Accents such as throw pillows, artwork, rugs, and other items represent the remaining 10 percent.

Pro tip #1: For an earth-themed interior decor, go for browns, tans, creams, and other soft neutrals.

Step 2: Contrast the Walls with the Floors

In addition, you should contrast the walls with the floors. Most homeowners prefer to keep the walls a lighter color. On the other hands, if you have light carpeted floors, you can give the walls a darker shade instead.

Contrasting the colors prevents the room from feeling too bright or dark. You can modify the appearance of your floors without making a larger investment by laying down area rugs. Lighten up the floor with a cream colored rug or darken up the floor with a charcoal ray rug.

Step 3: Incorporate Bold Colors with Artwork

If you want to keep things interesting, you can host a bold splash of color to make a statement. Earth tones are versatile and can be mixed in with any combination of bold colors you can think of. From classic reds to pretty pinks – there are many accessories that you can bring in to your room to keep them from feeling bland or boring.

Our favorite trick is to hang works of art in order to bring and incorporate random pops of color. Think scenic beach images and countryside paintings. You can also get creative and add your own drawings for an extra personal touch.

Pro tip #2: For the bedroom, use warm and organic colors create an intimate, serene, and safe space.


Stay Breezy !

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