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How to Protect Your Lungs from the Coronavirus? -- ASK THE SCIENCE MAJOR with Sean.

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

The coronavirus can ravage your respiratory system. Here are some ways you can protect against coronavirus damage to your lungs.

How Does Coronavirus Affect Your Lungs?

COVID-19 moves through your respiratory tract (nose, mouth, throat, lungs). Your lungs can become inflamed. It can even lead to pneumonia. Even for those who survive the virus, their respiratory system can be severely damaged.

How to Protect Your Lungs Against the Coronavirus

Stop Smoking.

Smoking already impairs lung function. Even vaping does harm to your lungs by irritating or inflaming them. This results to permanent effects on lung functions and destroys lung tissue during air exchange.

For smokers, the effects of coronavirus can be considerably worse than for non-smokers. So if you do smoke, stop immediately. It’s better for you either way.

Try Breathing Exercises

To fight against coronavirus, lungs need to be in a great condition. For those with chronic lung conditions, breathing exercises are invaluable. They clear the lungs and improve oxygen intake.

Exercise Regularly

Breathing ability can be vastly improved via exercise. A sedentary life can lead to atelectasis (slight collapse of lung sacs due to lack of air). Due to which, people have to breathe against resistance.

However, with regular exercise, you can actually increase your capacity to breathe and thus improve your health.

Minimize Allergen Exposure

Exposure to allergens produces excessive mucus in the body (below). If you’re allergic to certain things, you should avoid contact at all cost. This weakens your respiratory system.

Reduce Buildup of Mucus

While our bodies naturally capture allergens, too much can be produced to counteract irritants. This leads to buildup that cannot be cleared quickly. This becomes a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. So stop eating foods which irritate your body. If you have an allergy, try saline nasal sprays to clear mucus.

Using either of these tips, you can improve your respiratory system’s health.

--Stay Breezy! Sean

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