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How to Relax In A Quarantined World: 3 Part Miniseries by Mubashi

Updated: Dec 17, 2020


Are you a person who is concerned about his skin? Is your skin sensitive to the chemicals driven products. Are you looking for organic skincare products entirely made up of natural raw material? Then you have landed on the right website. Hey! We are Luminous Dreams. We are a diverse website having an entire variety of organic skincare products and relevant accessories. Every product which is available on our website is organic, hand-made and freshly synthesized. Keeping in view, our customers health, we have formulated our products with extreme care and love.


The aim of Luminous Dreams circles around providing its customers with organic skincare products and related accessories. Its purpose is to provide its customers with such products which are natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic. We are serving our purpose by different products manufactured for body and home.

Problem with the chemically synthesized skincare products

In this world of advancement, we have lost the crux of nature. Everything is chemically and synthetically made. On each product there are thousand reactions imparted then it is sold in the market. Skin although it is exposed to the external environment but is the most delicate organ. It needs a special care. In past 50 years, due to chemical advancement there is addition of chemicals in every skincare product. In ancient times, mercury was considered as sign of immortality. Queens and kings used to apply mercury and arsenic on their skins. They were unaware of the poisoning affects.

In recent years, due to much awareness, the use of such metals is discouraged. However, the use of other chemicals is increased. Like parabens, Phthalates, Synthetic colors, Fragrance, Triclosan, Toluene, Talc. These chemicals are toxins and damages nervous system, digestive systems and are carcinogens. There is another trend noticed that on every product “Natural” is written. The Organic Cosmetic Association has found that more than 40% of the skincare products labelled as natural have chemical carcinogens in them. These skincare products are leading cause of breast cancer in women.

Luminous Dreams- An Entirely Natural Solution

"Nature has filled this world with wonder, we just have to find them and blend into a marvelous splendor"

Keeping in view all of the skincare issues, Luminous Dreams has manufactured such skincare products which are entirely natural, handmade, free of any toxin and preservative and is environmental friendly as well. We have gathered raw material from all around the world and consolidated them into charming and pleasing skincare treasures. We have ensured that every plant which we gather is freshly grown, organic with use of least pesticides.

How Luminous Dreams is an Eco-friendly option

Besides collecting natural things, luminous dreams is also considerate about the environment and ecosystem. Inorganic skincare products wash off from our faces into streams, rivers and often pollute the soil. Other than the chemical hazard, packaging of skincare products is an environmental hazard as well. Most of the skincare products are packed in plastic bottles and plastic bags. These plastic bottles are dumped in landfills and sea. Plastic pollution is a major concern of today’s world, which is killing most of the marine life. Plastic is a non-degradable material which takes thousands of years to degrade. Skincare products are one of the major source of plastic in the environment.

Luminous Dreams packs its every product into degradable paper which causes no harm to the environment. It has ensured that it produces less waste and with waste treatment into the right dumping site.

Why you Should Choose Luminous Dreams?

Luminous Dreams knows what is right for its customers.

Luminous Dreams has invested its time in entire research for manufacturing of skincare products.

Luminous Dreams has every product free of chemicals and preservative.

Luminous Dreams is against animal slaughtering

Luminous Dreams grows everything locally to support the local small business.

Luminous Dreams takes care of their customers by providing them with perfect products and assisting them on every step.

Luminous Dreams takes care of the hygiene.

Luminous Dreams takes care of the rights of its workers.

Luminous Dreams prepares every product with extra care and warmth aimed at providing its customers by lovely experience.

Luminous Dreams not only focus on external well-being but also on the inner meditation, it's products are best for holistic aromatherapy

Key Products

Luminous Dreams specializes in providing skincare products and related accessories. We have divided our products in broad categories of

For Body

For Home

For Body

In terms of skincare products, Luminous Dreams has introduced 66 exotic soaps with a property of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is basically a complete natural treatment in which plant extracts are used to heal and enhance mental and physical health. Luminous Dreams has collected various plants and herbs from all around the world and with careful ministration extracted essential oils from it. Then consolidated these special ingredients into beauty of soaps and bath bombs. These products are not only safe and healthy to use but also there is a tint of beauty in them. Luminous Dreams has taken care of the visual sight and manufactured its products accordingly. These all products are hand-made and organic.

For Home

In this life of rush, we need a constant comfort which is impossible to achieve. While considering this important fact, Luminous Dreams has made scented, organic candles. These candles have a property of aromatherapy giving a contact invisible comfort to the person and imparting positive impact on their lifestyle. These organic candles help to increase the productivity. An important aspect of these products are they are organic having eco-friendly packing.

Luminous Dreams is considerate about customer care and environment. It has manufactured products which are totally natural and affordable. Often, holistic natural products are expensive. Mostly people abandon these products because of unaffordability and their economic conditions. They are compelled to use conventional chemical products. Luminous Dreams has taken into consideration the economic well-being of its customers and made such products which are affordable and long-lasting.

What you are waiting for? Time to start relaxing. To check out the items that interest you, you can try the products at this link and order your favorite products. Luminous Dreams is there to help you relax.

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