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How Watching TV Can Make You Much Smarter.

I stumbled upon a fundamentally life changing find. So much crazy knowhow, knowledge, and helpful , thought provoking information, packaged into a neat form of media. Of course, I'm talking about a documentary. One that I found fascinating, while I was browsing titles, was entitled "Our Chemical Lives ". This one claims to be all about the different chemicals we interact with on a daily basis. It might be a snooze fest for some, but being from the largest tribe in Liberia, living a holistic lifestyle is right up my alley. My point is, I found this awesome website that has documentaries about just about anything, and by the titles, they are ACTUALLY interesting! Some of us aren't the artsy type that can binge watch documentaries, like it's the first season of "Lost". However, what's wrong with learning a little while you're stuck in quarantine? Absolutely nothing! If you're a visual or kinetic learner, this is definitely the new hobby for you. If you are an audio learner, of course this is great for you also! Check it out, because I think you'll be glad that you did! You just gotta CLICK HERE .

Stay Breezy, Breezers!

-- Princess Saydah

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