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Is it Time to Meet The Parents?

Is your valor put to the test, when facing (her) Mom and Dad? Is meet-the-parents-day, a dreaded event in the near future? Do you enjoy each other’s company so much that "Mom’s opinion" or "Dad’s plan" is already part of the daily conversation? If things are going that direction, then you should expect to meet her parents sooner or later. But don’t dread the day. Instead, welcome it with open arms. For here is sound advice for you, the gallant man, when the day comes to meet her parents. First of all, not all parents are alike; so don’t assume that they’ll be like Mom and Pop. But, hopefully like her, you would want to impress, respect and not offend your own parents, wouldn’t you? Ask your girlfriend about her family. It would be useful to know any history on her father or mother’s side, her siblings, their work background and major health issues. It would be wise to find out about the parents’ politics, what kind of sense of humor they have, cultural or entertainment preference, if any. Asking these key questions will also show your girlfriend that you’re interested in knowing all about her family and that you attach a lot of importance in meeting her parents. A careless remark about the latest bloopers by the country’s president may not sit well with her parents if they are staunch republicans from a red state. There are countless of other ways you can go wrong with her parents if you don’t do your homework. The objective is to leave a good impression on her father and mother after the first meeting. Now, you would think that of the two, the father should be the primary focus. But, no; it is best to get your girlfriend’s mother on your side first. Think about it, she’s actually the one hosting the dinner in the house, isn’t she? Moreover, most mothers would partially judge you according to how happy their daughter looks being with you. When you’re hitting a rough spot in your relationship, your girlfriend would most likely run to her mother. In these times of trouble, her mother might become instrumental in bringing you back together again. Fathers will generally have a harder time accepting you. Rightly so, because he was the main man in your girlfriend’s life. Now, it will obviously appear to her father that you are taking over that role. In some instances, the father might resent that. In most cases, they will size you up to see if you are really fit to take care of their daughter. So, come to think of it, fathers have a more natural obstacle to get close to you. But this will happen in time, especially if you’re careful in your first meeting. Now what do you really do during the actual meeting? If it’s a dinner at their house, always bring a gift. You can give them a floral arrangement. Depending on their tastes, traditional items like a bottle of wine or a box of sweets also work. When you get into a conversation with them, show interest in their family life. Look for common interests, hobbies and expound on them. Politely ask for their opinion and listen. It’s easy to talk about sports, pets and their line of work. Other good topics are your job, your family, movies, and current events. It would be wise to steer the conversation away from jokes, politics, personal matters, religion and money matters. Flatter your girlfriend’s mother on her cooking, clothes or the home interiors. Compliment her cooking by finishing your plate. After dinner, offer to help clear the table of wash the dishes. Eventually, your girlfriend’s parents will start to ask you some direct questions. You won’t panic if you’re prepared for this. Relax, look them in the eye and answer as nicely as you can. Try to think about their reason for asking the question and relate to this when answering the parents. Remember, in the first meeting, be yourself and make sure to always observe good manners. Show respect to your girlfriend and her parents. Your girlfriend has probably told all of them about you and how great you are. So come prepared for the meeting and prove to her parents that you deserve to be with their daughter.

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