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Let's Go Glamping !

Wide open space. That is exactly what humanity needs right now, a quarantine within the welcoming arms of nature. For those with cabins, or adventure gear, this thought may be just what the proverbial doctor ordered. Let's go glamping!

You've seen the cliché commercials. You know the one . The one with the couple in the beachside bungalow.... with mosquito nets, bug bites, and the thought of going on vacation to stay in a tent gives you the creepy crawlies already. We get it. Camping isn't for everybody, but with a few twists and turns that will make hard core nature buffs everywhere shake their heads and face palm repeatedly, there's a solution for that!

Never fear. So Breezy Babe had got you covered. You won't need a sleeping bag and a bottle of Off! for this one. How does an air-conditioned, 790 square-foot, luxurious tent with wooden floors, embroidered interior canopies, private gardens, outside deck for sunbathing, king size four-poster bed, freestanding rolltop bath and separate shower sound? And just to make sure you don't feel like you're "roughing it," let's throw a DVD player and minibar into the equation. Glamping. The camp of dreams. If you spoil them, they will come.... For those uninitiated into the world of luxurious camping ,or glamping, it may come as a shock that the word "luxury" be used to describe a tent, but at the glamping hub, luxury tent vacations are simply what they do, all day, every day. located in the USA in Carbondale, Colorado, sits the tent of dreams. Adventure awaits.

For those wanting a much more wild glamping adventure that even hard core nature buffs might dein to try due to the surprises waiting on the campgrounds, India might be just the place! Located in the Aravali and the Vindhya mountain ranges in South-Eastern Rajasthan, India, the concept is far from novel. Nestled among 20 acres of landscaped gardens, lemon and mango trees, and lakes and fountains, are 25 tents, bordering on one of the most extraordinary wildlife reserves in the world, Ranthambore National Park and Tiger Reserve, which is home to the majestic Indian tiger, as well as deer, leopard, and crocodile. You can find out more about this wild adventure here. Now, before you think that this is an isolated retreat, consider the fine dining options and extensive spa services available. In the Dining Room and Inner Courtyard, Executive Chef Saurav Banerjee and Indian Master Chef Arjun Singh Yadava present an impressive spread of Western, Thai and Indian cuisine from a revolving menu. The exquisitely decorated restaurant features hand painted frescoes of flowers and animals by the celebrated miniaturist Mohan Singh Kumawat. Outside is the walled terrace of the Inner Courtyard which is lit at night by a massive log fire (camp fire songs optional). Check out this video and be amazed! As with any quality resort, there is a spa, where you'll find steam rooms, showers and private therapy suites and a long menu of spa treatments, massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. Try the stimulating Indian Spice Wrap and a delicious Orange Wrap. All the massage and aromatherapy treatments are aimed at relieving stress and promoting a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing. And for fitness buffs who can't miss a workout, there is an exercycle, rowing machine, steppers and a treadmill, as well as an outdoor heated pool.

So, how about it? Roughing it is an incredible treat for the senses and soul, but if you want to exoskeleton nature and just weren't cut out for the raw appeal of hard core exploring, how about it? Let's go glamping!

Stay Breezy, Breezers!

-- Morgan

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