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Not Alone

You are not Alone

When you catch yourself contemplating whether there is someone else in this world that understands your pain and suffering... remember that there is.

Someone else is suffering like you, or greater than you in this world. This is truth. It’s an impossibility that you are alone and are suffering unlike anyone else. You don’t need to be reminded about the worlds calamities at this moment, it would only further

depress you, but what I am saying is true.

Ignore the falsehoods, the great actors that may surround you. Hold this thought in your mind, that the world is a stage, and many around you are acting. While you may feel alone, you are not, some may be better at hiding the tears than you.

During Covid, life just seems to be getting worse for many. Please remember that we are all human, and all suffering some internal/ external


I implore you friend, please don’t give up on life, please don’t give up period. Where you are feeling alone, there are millions out there feeling the same. And just as they have scraped their way out of the lonely pit of life, some literally through war, you can as well.

Why? Because I believe in you. This is the spirit of the Breezer’s. We are overcomer’s. So, overcome because someone else who is in your ,or something like your ,situation...has. Now don’t give up!

Find your way out of the darkness. Keep walking forward into a new year, looking for that invisible door. Because the truth is, it’s not invisible, you just can’t see it where it is hiding. Keep walking aimlessly forward, till you find that door knob...then kick the dang door open! Happy 2021, humanity!!



Stay Breezy, Breezers!

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