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The inner struggles of life can create within us, an unequivocal opportunity for us to rise, not fall. Let's rise as a society, globally and together. That's more than So Breezy, Babe !

It’s amazing how everything can change but be the same at the same time . I look around my bedroom; nothing is different. The world still moves. The life cycle of life, life and death, continues on.

But within... I have risen.

The world is different, I am changed. I have changed. So, the world has changed.

Never underestimate how, you being risen, you being changed internally, can shape the world. Within me is greatness brewing. However, only once I am ready to take off the cap , will you see the stream. You will hear the whistle and the alarm from my soul, and I will have been brewed , refined, and shifted by time. I will be transformed, renewed. Ready.

Until then, I know, with a self satisfied smile, while sitting here on my bed, that I have risen.

The world has no choice but to be impacted. I will be impacted. I believe in you.

Believe in yourselves Breezer’s.

Love ya,


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