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Speak Now

You never know when it will be the last time speaking to someone. My father passed away several years ago, and when I think of him, I think of all the conversations we never had. He was a quiet, Japanese man, who liked to sit and watch golf tournaments and old John Wayne movies on repeat. He and I are very alike in that we do not speak. We internalize, and we are passive aggressive. From my regret in not speaking to him, I have learned, the hard way, to speak to many about my opinions. If we meet for the first time, I will probably go on about all the good things I notice about you, and encourage you in all the ways I could not do for my father. Make my regret into your lesson, dear friends. Don’t hold back words for your loved ones, friends, or family members. Don’t allow cultural rules and regulations to trap you with repeating conversations in your head that you never had. I know I’m not alone in this. "The things I wish I had said", will not be your memory. Make memories of lasting conversations, lasting words, lasting impressions. Be strong. Don’t hold your tongue in love, and speak. Sometimes, it may not always be encouraging conversational points, but truths that need to be said. Sometimes, it may be conversations involving justice. Whatever it may be, don’t hold back, because life is too short, and one day the opportunity will be lost. Dear friends, learn to talk. Don’t regret. Speak today! Love, Rose

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