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The Absolutely Incredible Power of Positive Thinking --ASK THE SCIENCE MAJOR WITH SEAN .

Modern life is fast paced and full of stressors. These can leave you feeling down from time to time. However, there is reason to believe that engaging in positive thinking in such situations can end up being beneficial.

Basic Benefits of A Positive Mindset

Maintaining a positive outlook during stressful times can motivate you to move forward. It drives individuals to succeed and also helps them spread their positivity onto others. In addition to these benefits, positivity is also believed to offer numerous health benefits.

Heart Disease... and Positivity

Studies have found that optimistic individuals have a lower risk of developing heart diseases. This may be explained by the fact that positive-thinking individuals are less likely to engage in harmful practices such as smoking, alcohol consumption, or poor sleep hygiene.

The Fountain of Youth

Optimism is also correlated with a longer lifespan. Studies have found that individuals who maintain a positive mindset live 11% to 15% longer on average. This may be because positive thinking individuals tend to be more proactive about their health and taking care of themselves.

Combating the Darkness Within

People struggling with depression can also benefit from optimism. Remaining cheerful with this condition can feel challenging. However, increasing your positive emotions can actually reduce some of the signs and symptoms of this condition. In some cases, it may even prevent relapses.

Instant Anxiety Zapper

Millions of people suffer from anxiety in their day to day lives. This condition can hinder your life in many ways. One common form of anxiety treatment involves replacing negative thoughts with more positive ones. This treatment method has proven successful for many patients, and is believed to be one of the best approaches to combating generalized anxiety disorder.

As you can see, a happy mind leads to a healthy body in many ways. So try absorbing some positivity from those around you, and also remember to share it with others.


Stay Breezy!

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