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The Importance of Non-Verbal Communication in a Post-COVID World

After COVID-19 non-verbal communication has become more important Image Description: A collage of video chat and messaging app graphics
Non-verbal communication is increasingly important in a post-COVID world

Forming deeper connections is becoming much harder than it was before. Without having to touch, or speak to each other in-person, communicating non-verbally may be the most important marker of a connection.

Kinesics: The Science of Non-Verbal Communication

Kinesics is non-verbal communication that relates to body movements. The term was coined by Ray L. Birdwhistell, an American Anthropologist. He meant it as a replacement for the term “body language”. Kinesics includes the movement of the face and the eyes. It includes eye contact, physical gestures, your posture, and your body movements.

It’s these small cues that can help us form deeper connections during and after COVID.

Non-Verbal Communication in Dating and Friendship

Finding a significant other or a friend are two basic categories of relationships that people have. Hence, observing non-verbal cues when forming these relationships today is the key to their success.


Whether someone is leaning towards you or sitting with their shoulders arched back is a significant cue. The latter means they’re either disinterested or tired. The former means they’re hanging on to your every word, or at least making an effort.

Facial Expressions

If someone’s facial expressions aren’t corresponding to their words, then you may have a disconnect. Always watch for this when you’re talking to someone online or in person. Also watch for eye contact and lip movements. They can say a lot about what a person is feeling.


A person’s tone of voice can communicate happiness, sadness, lethargy, exasperation, and sarcasm. Establishing relationships is about trust, and if you can’t tell whether a person is genuinely talking to you or making a joke, you can’t connect.

Using the knowledge provided above can help you form better connections with people during the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be much harder than before, but that’s what the human race does. It finds a way.


Stay Breezy !

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