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The Professional Editor in the Palm of Your Hands.

You work hard. You know you do. I know you do. Those around you definitely know you do. So, why spend all of your valuable time proof reading documents? If you don't already have a favorite text editor for documents, and even if you do. I found a gem of a website that has some pretty powerful tools for making sure the words you wrote come out just the way you want them to. What makes this proof reader different from all the others? I think it's their attention to detail. They will check for unique items such as repetition, passive voice, correct use of adverbs, cliché that can dull the engagement level of a written piece, ease of readability, and overall general style. OK. So, I realize that that might be way too much for some, but if you are writing an essay, doing a paper for homework, writing professionally, or needing a document proofed for work, I think this is the perfect tool to use. It's basically like having a publishing editor at your brck and call! Give it a whirl.

Stay Breezy , Breezers!

-- Princess Saydah

*photo courtesy of Katemangostar

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