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Things to Know About H2O!--Ask the Biologist with Sean

"Appreciate water today because you can."--SEAN

In the past, before the colonial days, water quality was, at best, river water. Water was fetched from a pool of still water in a place called a well --and if you have ever seen still water in a pool, there are a lot of dead creatures, not only bugs but rats. If you think you have seen rats today, people in the past were mainly farmers and had no control over pests, one proof being the Black Plague.

Rats ravaged as they scavaged around the land and spread massive disease. If you think the Black Plague was bad, think about how massive the plague was and understand that the massive spread originated from rats. Rats were numerous and in extremely close proximity. You can theorize that if you can find rats in still water today, you can bet the likelihood of a rat inside a well was surely a guarantee. And that was the quality of water back in the days before colonialization, probably before the innovation of tap water.

Water quality used to be terrible. Be grateful you do not have to drink water from back when, right? Be grateful to your ancestors for putting up with the trouble of drinking still water, so that you can exist and drink safely without the worries of Cholera, disease, vomit, nausea, phobia, and etc.

Not only should we all be abundantly grateful -- (see what I did there?--see? It's the holidays!) for clean water, but for the abundance and cost efficiency of drinking water. Drinking water goes for a dollar by the gallon, meaning a fulfilling whole day’s supply of water for one person goes for one, or if at most for two dollars. Other places in the world still fetch water, having limits to the amount of availability of drinking water.

So, if you are from a first world country, you have access to enjoying the benefits of drinking a fulfilling amount of water, while others cannot. If you can, drink a fulfilling amount of water, about one to two gallons a day, not only because you can, but because there are benefits that you can experience while others in the world do not have the options to experience.


The benefits to drinking a fulfilling amount of water, about one to two gallons a day, vary.

First, if you care about your skin, drinking a fulfilling amount of water creates a pushing force to your skin. This results in your wrinkles getting rejuvenated. This culminates in having skin that looks clearer and more youthful in appeal, without putting on make up. Drink a fulfilling amount of water and not only look younger but feel younger. The body is made up of mostly water and fat. So, by drinking more water, you give your natural bodily aesthetic a boost.

As a child, you needed less water because you were smaller in volume, but as adults the ratio of water to body mass increases. Basically, this means that as adults we process water retention less efficiently. In other words, because we have a higher water to body mass ratio than children do, we need proportionately more water than we did as children.

Adults need porportionately more water than children. So, drinking a fulfilling amount of water stimulates a more youthful feeling to the body, as opposed to a more tired or worn out feeling. Drinking a fulfilling amount of water makes you feel younger.

If you are looking to gain a few pounds, drinking a fulfilling day’s worth of water gets you to gain a few pounds. But if you are looking to lose weight, water can help the body there as well. When you are dehydrated, you crave food because food holds water. If you drink a fulfilling amount of water, the food craving from dehydration gets fulfilled, so you eat less. If you can think about this, you are gaining water weight and reducing weight gained from eating or from calories. You are transfering weight from food into water weight, and this is good because eventually you are going to lose weight.

Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water, and lose weight from consuming less calories. Feel younger and look younger. Stay hydrated, and drink water because you can, the benefits are worth so much.

That's all for now!

Stay Breezy !


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