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Tips to Keep Your Nails Healthy and Hygienic During Lockdown

If you want to clean your nails, it is best to remove and wipe off any nail polish that may be remaining on your nails. Do this by gently soaking a cotton ball with a nail polish remover of your choice. Acetone is another option for this process. Next, apply remover of your choice on the nails.

Long nails are great to look at. Be certain your nails are only long enough that cleaning them does not become problematic. Cut and trim your nails with a nail cutter based on your desired length. For ultimate hygiene purposes though, salon experts recommend keeping the toe nails clipped short.

If you've run into the problem of cutting your nails with a nail clipper and ending up with a bit of a hack job, don't fear. We can fix this. I know it's hard having nail salons cut down due to lockdown or with restricted hours due to quarantine and laws, but be brave. This may just be the time to prefect a new skill. Hey, gentleman, the woman in your life would practically genuflect if you treated her to a lockdown spa day. Plus, learning how to correctly trim your own nails would help in reduction of gems find in the common "athletes foot" or "work out" foot. Think about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

If the aforementioned nail clipper hasn't given you the trim of your dreams, here is the solution. Refine your cut with the use of either a nail file or emery board, whichever one you have. Et voila! Fixed. Now, on to technique. It is best to file in one direction, instead of going back and forth, because a back and forth motion has a likely tendency to cause your nail to break. The direction of filing should be from the outside towards the center. See, you learn something new every day. For those of you, unlike me, who antsy knew that, A+ !

*Pro tip*

Cutting your nails into a square cut, with rounded edges to keep from sharp points or somewhat oval in shape ,is ideal to avoid ingrown nails--which can be very painful.

To remove unwanted cuticles, rub a solution of cuticle remover and gently push it with a pusher. If you know how to use a nipper, you can slowly cut them as well. Please, please, be SUPER careful, because an incorrect nip may cause infections. It is best to have your cuticles cut by a professional. Soaking your fingers and toes with the cuticle remover in warm water helps speed up the softening of your cuticles.

Before any color application a base coat is important to help protect your nails. Did you know that the base coat also prevents the nail from absorbing the color? Before applying nail color rub the bottle between your palms to prevent clumps. Apply a first coat, and allow to dry before doing another coat. Prevent smudges by applying nail color in a single direction. A topcoat is then applied to help maintain the shine, as well as prevent chipping.

There you are! And if you're more of a visual learner , here's a link, from the American Academy of Dermatology, to a video for at home nail care.

That was a lot, but I hope it helps the athletes for practical care and hygiene, and everyone else who wants to keep their nails on fleek!

Stay Breezy!

  • -- Morgan

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