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True Beauty in Loss

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Do not miss out on something, or someone, amazing, because you are afraid of losing this entity. Life is always going to be filled with gain and loss. Whether you make the final decision as to what you gain is up to you. You can feel it in your bones when that something special comes into your life. A glimmer, even a flash, of what could be or continue to be in your future. But fear always creeps in and creates the what if’s in life. Here's an idea. Shut fear out! Because, "So what?!" if that what-if occurs? Don’t allow your life to be dictated by fear, because I promise you that regret will dictate your actions next. No one, no one, no one wants that.

Free yourself of the cycle of fearing the loss of something good, and walking right past it. Accept this fact. You are not God, and will never be. There is no way you can, in truth, predict your exact future. So, don’t run from the great thing, run towards it; when loss or gain hits, deal with it.

First things first. Accept the good, hold on to the amazing, and don’t let it go until the right time comes. Then,when it comes, whenever that is, embrace the beauty that there was something special in your life. The alternative is to live a mundane life, to live a life of regret, to wish in an unending, repetitive, cycle that you could go back! You can’t. That’s life.


Stay Breezy!

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