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What I Missed

Don’t Rush I’ve been learning a lot about patience, the importance of waiting. I have a “Go go go!” type of personality. I won’t stop until something is done. I won’t sleep until I feel like I’m passing out, just chug coffee, watch the sun come up, and still work until the next day's sun down, with out a break. I know, super unhealthy. I treat everything with that mentality, and it’s caused a lot of mistakes, a lot of pain. I never realized what a problem it was, until recently. I’ve lost so many things, because I’m so impatient. I would never wait! I would let a lot of good things go. Or how about this one? I’ve ruined good things from rushing into things too quickly. However, there really is a beauty in allowing a seed to grow in its due time, allowing it to work its way through the dirt, find its bearings in its new life again, and find the beauty of the sun. There is a beauty in watching a garden grow, and waiting until the flower has blossomed,fruit has ripened or etc. I’ve realized the beauty in waiting and watching a garden grow,when there is something worth waiting for. If I really want something, I’ll wait. Whether it’s for love, because someone just had a separation and their heart might still be malleable, breakable, or whether I’m baking some pot roast, hungry as hell, but there’s 3 more hours of cook time to suffer through until the end, I'll decide to wait it out. Those 3 hours make the difference to whether the meat becomes tender, falling off the bone,just the way I like, that way that makes my tongue cry. I normally can’t wait, but I’m going to learn to wait now. I'm going to choose to wait, because it’s worth it. Also, I deserve to have things at their best. The reward is two fold. I just believe that patience is a lot harder. So Breezer’s, today, I want to encourage you to wait for what you love, and don’t rush it. Don’t make my mistakes. Learn from my pain. I’m going to stop ruining a beautiful thing, and am going to wait until it naturally blossoms. Everything does truly happen for a reason. Timing is divine. Love, Rose

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