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What's the Deal With Immune Systems?! --Ask The Science Major with Sean

Immune Systems and Covid-19 , So Breezy Babe, Princess Saydah

The immune response is a part of the human’s body’s defense response known as the body’s second line of defense. After the first line of defense fails to keep away foreign pathogens, the immune response is next in line to defend the body from infections by various mechanisms such as activating white blood cells and other immune cells to directly fight off infections, activating an inflammatory response to increase concentrations of white blood cells to areas that need to fight off the infection, and an activation of the human thermoregulatory response to increase the body’s temperature to systemically kill off pathogens that have invaded inside the human body. The many signs of the activation of the human immune response is one of many which includes but is not limited to coughs, fever, inflammation, sore throats, congestion, headache, light headedness, dizziness, diarrhea, vomit, blurred vision, body aches, and fatigue. The immune response triggers a body’s reaction differently according to the pathogen and which body system the pathogen targets and whether the infection is localized or becomes systemic. For example, for a respiratory infection, the body would react with mainly coughs, sputum, and congestion before the pathogen reaches the blood stream which is when the infection becomes systemic and the body would respond with high fever, headaches, fatigue, and a drop in blood pressure.

Covid-19 is a respiratory infection such as mentioned earlier. This is a pathogen that is trasmitable through respiratory droplets and causes a respiratory response which includes loss of smell and taste, stuffy nose, congestion, coughs, and difficulty breathing before the infection reaches the bloodstream which is when the infection becomes systemic and would have signs of high fever, a drop in blood pressure, muscle aches, amongst an array of other consequences that can damage the kidneys, the brain, heart, and entire body and can do serious and permanent damage to other organs. Covid-19 is also known for its incredibly high transmisionability rate, meaning that this virus is not only deadly but highly infectious. The best way to fight Covid-19 is by not getting infected, which means keeping social distancing, staying at home and not going out to the public for as long as possible, and wearing an N-95 mask when out in the public although social gathering is discouraged for as long as possible. That means no more work outs at the gym, no more date nights and going out to the bar, no more gathering with friends, and stay home for as much as possible, until the whole country gets a vaccine, then you are free to be out in public.

The most terrifying aspect of Covid-19 is its harmful ability to clot blood. People infected with Covid-19 are dying from heart attacks. They are getting permanent brain damage from strokes. Some are, also, getting kidney failure.

During this pandemic, the best way to maintain a healthy immune response is to stay home. This is a highly transmissible virus and deadly one with long term consequences. There is no herbal supplement or diet that is going to change the infectiousness of Covid-19. Nobody is immune. During this pandemic, an in shape immune system is one that does not have Covid-19. So if you want to keep up with your immune response during a pandemic, I recommend giving yourself a nice and healthy dose of playing your favorite video game or a binge of Netflix after breakfast, lunch, and dinner to keep you healthy, safe, and out of harm's way. The wisest decision during a pandemic is to maintain control, so you can control yourself to stay away from chaos, death, and sickness that is rampaging the world. Disconnect with the world with indulgence in a fantasy world of video games, television, or work on an art project or produce music.

Maintain control during a pandemic by disconnecting your mind from the world in trouble through various outlets. The world is not safe. In today’s standard, a healthy immune system is one that does not have Covid-19. Be safe, stay indoors, follow social distancing, and wear a mask when out in public.

That all for now! Thanks for taking the time to chill with the coolest science buff in town!

Stay Breezy !


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