• So Breezy Babe

You, The Best Friend You Forgot

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Speak truth. To yourself,speak the truth you need to hear.When your world is falling apart, and you feel like no one could possibly understand. Be your own friend. This is not a loser thing to do, but a human thing. People often forget to be human to themselves. Realise that you are only human. You will try your hardest. You try your best, and even if the world doesn't recognise it, Recognise it for yourself. Because in the wee, lonely hours, when you can't sleep, and the world is caving in on you, And you stumble out of bed, And catch a reflection of yourself In the bathroom mirror, remember to smile and tell yourself, "I did a great job today!". Because you did. And this world is too lonely to not even have your own back. Stay breezy. Be good to yourself. Remember, you are only human.



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